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Dec 222011
Alternative Time Windows for Evaluating Performance

  Dynamic Trading Rules: Change the Time Window and a Different Picture Emerges Further examining a 200-day Moving Average (200MA) strategy for mitigating downside risk, I was recently examining how the picture changes when you alter the time window for assessing these strategies. Below is a scatterplot of a dynamically managed strategy using 200MA (vertical […]

Dec 212011
What a Difference a Day Makes (or, "Fooled by Look-Ahead Bias")

  This year I’ve written a few times about using the 200-day Moving Average (200MA) as a market timing indicator. Evolved Perspective on the 200-Day Moving Average Since my last posts my appreciation for and complaints about 200MA have evolved. I previously wrote that if enough speculators begin blindly following the 200MA it could lead […]

Dec 122011
Market Timing or Dynamic Risk Management?

  Institutional investors have long been indoctrinated with the notions of stocks for the long run and the importance of remaining fully invested. As I touched on stocks for the long run in an earlier post, in this one I will address remaining fully invested. The argument in favor of remaining fully invested went like […]

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